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“Patience," said Athos, whose eyes were fixed in the direction of the Rue du Bac, "patience; I see an abbe cuffing a man, then bowing to a woman; it must be Aramis.”
- Alexandre Dumas, Twenty Years After. (via j-august)

So, I’m home.

After hour of drama.

Hour ago at work, I started getting dizzy and I had problems breathing, so I closed the shop and went out, it didn’t stop, it got worse, so I walked back in and to my sister at reception, she tried to measure my blood pressure but her machine kept giving her error, so her flatmate showed up, joking around, playing with the thing and I could feel my hands going numb, then my feet, so I sat down, while being surrounded by shitton of people.

Then I couldn’t walk anymore, my arms and legs went completely stiff, it looked like scene from the mummy, I was unable to move, so my sister’s flatmate had to carry me to the staff room bridal style (everyone looking at me, my dignity flushed down the toilet entirely) where I was laid on the table, more employees of Kaufland surrounded me, then the emergency service showed up, they wheeled me out on a stretched, again, everyone saw my grand exit.

I was transported to a hospital, sirens on, lights on, what a joy. There I stayed for 30 minutes being examined and scolded for poor health.

My boss is freaking out, my poor coworker has to come to work to replace me, my mother nearly strangled me and my sister is still talking about how deformed my fingers went when I lost the feelings in them, also aparently her flatmate is concerned and the whole Kaufland wants to know wtf just happened.

I am embarrassed beyond explanation, I just want to dig a hole and hide in it

borgiafan asked:
You can post whatever you want about me, but I started following to prove that I'm not intentionally posting your tumblr pics...I've never even seen your page till today. If someone is reposting your pics on Pinterest without your knowledge, then that's the real problem. I'm happy to give credit to you on IG if I've unknowingly posted something of yours.

If someone is reposting your pics on Pinterest without your knowledge, then that’s the real problem.

I don’t know what the fuck are you trying to achieve here, do you think I give a damn about others ? It doesn’t justify why you did it in any way, no it makes you just as bad because you went on and reposted something you didn’t know belonged to someone.

You can’t even say sorry, no, too much effort is it ? Nope, better keep provoking, that will surely get this solved!

You disgust me, get out of my blog and off my follower list you human waste


borgiafan said: @maonethedwarf im not intentionally stealing anything esp from tumblr. I find most things on Pinterest & I attribute when I know who made the edit. Im happy to give credit if Ive wrongly attributed a pic. Im just a fan posting pics I like with credit

When the owner of the said edit tells you that they do not wish you to keep it, then you are supposed to take it down, thief putting name of the owner on stolen item is still a thief.

@borgiafan plagiarizing on Instagram


Instagram user musketeers_and_borgias, tumblr user borgiafan, has been stealing edits and gifs from tumblr and reposting them on their Instagram. 

I was alerted to this by this post, after which I messaged borgiafan and asked them to take my edit down. I said that I couldn’t ask them to remove other edits not belonging to me, but that I highly encouraged it. 

My edit was not taken down. musketeers_and_borgias went back to old posts and added comments with OP credit. Unfortunately I didn’t take screenshots of the before and after, but it’s evident by the fact that the credit is added in comments that the Instagram did not originally credit the artists. 

I tumblr messaged musketeers_and_borgias once more to ask them to take down my work. They did not respond. 

I commented on Instagram:


hippityhoppitybrigade: “Take this down.” 

musketeers_and_borgias: “Hey! @hippityhoppitybrigade I happily gave you credit! I put the name of your tumblr above :)” 

hippityhoppitybrigade: “I have repeatedly messaged your tumblr asking you to take this down. Giving me parenthetical credit after the fact does not cut it. This is my work and I don’t want it on your blog. Take this down.” 

musketeers_and_borgias deleted my last comment. I have a screenshot, but unfortunately Instagram does not show times of posts. However the link to the post is here, and at the time of my posting this it’s still up, without my last comment on it. 

As I double-checked my sources to post this, I found that my post had been taken down. However, that is only one post. 

musketeers_and_borgias has stolen work from artists a lot more talented than I. Since they’ve been so kind as to go back and provide muttered credit, I can tag some of those who have had their artwork reposted: 

howardcharles cathelms musketeertexts inaramiswetrust shinerdevannes ofthemusketeers maonethedwarf 

There are also posts with vague “not my edit” and claims to have found edits on Pinterest. Some of these are credited in the description, not the comments, but only two of those people credited that I saw are tagged with their Instagram handle; the rest were tumblr handles, which don’t link to tumblr or alert the tumblr user. 

kynikey, you seem to have a rapport with musketeers_and_borgias. If anyone else named here has acquised to having their work reposted, let me know. I don’t want to accuse unecessarily. However, considering the way I was ignored and silenced, I doubt that every image is taken with permission. 

I beg you, please take a look at the posts and see if you can put a name to the uncredited images. I know that collectively we have all reblogged or scrolled by the original posts on tumblr. The artists deserve to be alerted to plagiarism of their work. 

I’m at a library computer. When I get back to my own laptop I will add screenshots of my unanswered messages to borgiafan. (The XKit Outbox feature only shows the messages you’ve sent from that computer.) I want to publish this now so everyone can see what musketeers_and_borgias is doing before they think of deleting everything. 

I can confirm I found my posts there,but I’m not registered on instagram, so I’d just like to say…


doesn’t matter, stupid ass thinks no one will find out that it’s stolen when they see the original that’s been posted earlier.

 So put on your mask of hope, tie the knot of inner pain
Swallow your desperation,let the rain wash away your tears
And keep going, until it’s hero’s act and not a suicide

Ben/Tom/Andre/Semir - Which One Will You Choose ?

picked as many slashy moments as I could fit in, which pairing is the slashiest ? It’s up to you :)

zigandzagklaine said: Hi, I just wanted to say, I have discovered Cobra 11 thanks to your posts and then on my TV recently (and I really like Ben/Semir woops) :) *raises shyly hand for a Cobra 11 ‘s video*

no need to be shy around me, hon. I’m a cobra 11 pimp.

that also reminds me that I still have gifs to make


raise your hand if you want me to make another Cobra 11 vid

or Athos or Mcdanno

cause I’m bored